Saturday, October 15, 2011

Home-made ricotta~^^

It is hard to find good affordable cheese in Korea.
We have Costco, but only 7 shops in whole county.
Unfortunately Gwangju is not one of them.
Local markets have some cheese but expensive and very limited variety.

Ricotta was one of those overpriced hard to find (only in a dairy section in a department sore) ones.
I decided to make my own ricotta, since it is one of those easy ones that you can make at home with simple ingredints. 

All you need is milk, cream, acid (vinegar or lemon juice), and some salt.
milk : cream = 2 : 1
and add some lemon juice

Mixture is gonna curdle, then strain, hang to drain more.
In several hours, you have your own ricotta~*^^*

I baked some pizza, owesome~~
Serve with salad~
Made ricotta fritters~ yum~~^___^

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